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What is a Building Energy Rating?

A Building Energy Rating (BER) will provide a clear energy rating for a house thus making the energy performance visible. 

The EU directive on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires that when a building (residential and non-residential) is constructed, sold or rented out, a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is provided by the owner to the prospective buyer or tenant (similar to the energy labelling of household appliances). It thus obliges Member States, including Ireland, to make energy performance a visible factor in the property market.

The Building Energy Rating (BER) gives an objective scale of comparison for the energy demand and performance of a building. It will allow prospective buyers or tenants to factor in energy costs into the decision of buying or renting a new home. The BER certificate indicates the kWh/m² required for the house

kWh/m²…….what does it mean to me?

The energy performance of home is given in kWh/m2 (kilowatt hours per meter squared)

This tells you how many kilowatts of energy are required per square meter of your home.                 

This can vary significantly depending on the energy efficiency of the home.

Energy Costs per year = (BER Label Value) x (Total Floor Area) x (Cost per kWh)                                        

3 bedroom Semi Detached

Total Floor Area = 98 m2

Price per kWh = €0.18 (as per unit of electricity)

PROPERTY A   BER Label Value = C1   156 kWh/m2  156 x 98 x €0.18  = €2,751.84 per year

PROPERTY B   BER Label Value = A3     72 kWh/m2     72 x 98 x €0.18 = €1,270.08per year

 Anyone buying or renting a home is legally entitled to a BER certificate prior to signing a contract.

This allows the cost of heating the home to be considered when choosing a property.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions for the dwelling kg CO2/ m2/yr. are also measured in this rating.

(Kilograms of carbon dioxide per meter squared per year)

The less CO2 produced, the less the dwelling contributes to global warming.

Use of renewable energy heating systems such as solar and/or wood log,  pellet and  chip  greatly reduces CO2 emissions.

BER Certificate

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