enough… about me

There is some debate whether the old adage ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’  refers to the end of May or the blooming of the hawthorn “May” blossom. Since neither have arrived yet, I wrap up well, and sit on my garden bench to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

mid day sky

Simpson’s sky

I sit here under a “Simpson’s” sky, listening to the hoarse coo coo of the pigeons, the trilling of the birds and the vaguely irritating hum of a mower in the background,  compensated by the sweet smell of cut grass, and I think about what is enough.

Enough is different for all of us. As I have grown older; I refuse to don the title “middle aged”, I realise what is important to me.

The obvious suspects, of course, my family. Hubby, daughters and grand-daughters. Healthy, and most importantly very happy. Some good friends, and one great friend. Always there.

Taylor 3 months

My puppy, Taylor, my early birthday gift, runs in idiotic circles around the garden. She is 3 months old, named after the boxer “Katy”.  She also answers readily to gobshite! No prizes for guessing why.

The chestnut trees accross the road that give our home it’s name, “Chestnut View”. During the boom time a developer (one who develops his/her pockets) wanted to build 250 yellow boxes here. Unneeded, unwanted and unsustainable. And the Chestnut trees? Would have stood in the way of progress.

Chestnut trees

Chestnut View

Hubby and I fought all the way to An Bord Pleanala and back for 5 stressful  years. Lost the battle on a few occasions, lost a few “friends????” along the way,  but won the war. “Our” chestnut trees stand tall and proud and the countryside  is minus another ghost estate. A very proud achievement in my life!

The plants that I have nurtured from babies. I keep singing “see the tree how big it’s grown” as my hubby rolls his eyes to heaven, but I am proud of them. I love planting seeds and seeing the results.

apple blossom

apple blossom


” if I win the lotto I will buy a farm with a stream  and plant trees, flowers and windmills”     

 My greenhouse. A rescue, bent and broken, that my Dad repaired and put together for me the spring before he died. I can carry on his tradition of supplying the family with fresh tomatoes every summer.

HEAT. the one thing I cannot survive without. Be it from the sun or from a stove, fire or central heating. I cannot cope with being cold. I know that I am not the only heat junkie out there, hence my business, Smartheat sells heat.

And shoes, red black tan green nude , high low suede leather, strappy, boots……. in fact they deserve a post all by themselves!

Everthing else is a bonus.

Nice clothes? I’ve probably accumulated enough to last two lifetimes. New shoes will give them new life! Designer bags? Prefer this one, it says a lot more about me! and it cost € 3!

Holidays? would be nice, but having spent the past 7 years building a business and surviving a recession, I realize that they are not necessities!

Everything else? surplus to enough.


About Pat Murphy

True to me; Mother, Wife, Friend, Environmentalist; Living comfortably; Being warm; Knowing what's enough; Chair of WFQA (Irish wood fuel quality assurance scheme)
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4 Responses to enough… about me

  1. What a lovely reflection Pat and enjoyed reading about your special things. Your opening description grabbed my attention immediately as could picture you there and am totally with you on not donning ‘that’ title 😉

  2. Great post Pat. Well done, especially on the tree battle!! It made me think of a book that I read recently ‘Enough is Plenty’, the title is inspired from the Irish word ‘go leor’, which means both enough, and plenty. You can read about it here http://www.enoughisplenty.net/ I also have a copy of the book if you wish to borrow it

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