wood …the natural answer

As carbon tax rises…..wood is the natural answer

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Things to consider when using wood as a fuel

One of the most common mistakes people make is to burn green, non-seasoned wood. Green wood can contain up to 75% moisture, a figure that has a considerable effect on the calorific value (heat output) of the wood, since part of the heat released is used to evaporate the water content and is then dispersed into the flue along with the water vapour produced. Wood for burning in a wood stove must first be seasoned for  about 18-24 months,  to reduce its moisture content to 15-20%.

Seasoned wood Seasoned wood

All wood can be divided into two categories: “hard” or “soft”, according to its weight in kg per cubic meter of wood.

Softwood, weighing approx. 300–350 kg/m³, includes spruce, pine, poplar, alder, chestnut and willow. It burns more rapidly, producing greater heat: this makes it ideal for starting the fire, although if used…

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