get them down

Get them down

Everywhere I go.  Every day.

. Election Posters.

On every pole. On every surface. Falling down. Spinning round. Straight roads, roundabouts, more of the same and the same and the same and the same

1 town to lucan

City centre to Lucan 1

. Election Posters.

I don’t wish to deny the financial bonus for printing companies, sign erectors and even the candidates themselves,  once elected.

But, Why so many?

. Election Posters

2 town to lucan

City centre to Lucan 2

The same candidate’s poster on every pole for a 2 km stretch of road. On both sides. In every village. In every town. In every city. In every gap in the mountain. In case you missed it!

. Election Posters

GREEN election+posters+kerry+3

A roundabout in Kerry

Parties that espouse care for the environment.

How long does it take for plastic to decompose? How many trees to produce paper?

. Election Posters

One of our local candidates did not use posters. He said it was a local election and that everyone knew him?  But, my daughter never heard of him and didn’t know he was a candidate. So are we stuck with

. Election Posters

So this is the day that they have all been waiting for. So what is going to happen to all the

. Election Posters

Will they take them down immediately? Candidates are allowed leave them up for 7 days after the poll.

But Why? Why do we need to have their faces loom over us for another 7 days? Why can’t we have our beautiful country restored to us immediately?dublin election_posters

. Election Posters

Why not give our tourists what they paid for? A beautiful country full of majestic scenery and historic cityscapes, NOT

. Election Posters250px-Recycle001.svg

And what will become of them?

How will they dispose of them? Responsibly?

. Election Posters

Let’s work together to ensure that their first act of doing something for this country is to

Get them down

. Election Posters

 The Face book page

is a place where you can post  your images and give your opinion on

. Election Posters

Have you seen Funny election posters;  Badly parked election vehicles;  Hilarious spelling?

We have a  “Bye-Election” in our area.

Is there a “Buy Election” anywhere around the country?

No printers name? Renewable, Recyclable paper?

Let us know and spread the word.

Let’s clean up our country together, sustainably.

For more information on Election Posters from the Department of Environment, Community and LocalGovernment  click here

How many days after polling day do posters have to be removed?

Candidates must remove all posters within 7 days of the poll.  These requirements for election posters are set out under section 19 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 and the Electoral (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2009.

What penalties are in place for breaches of the legislation governing election/referendum posters?

The responsibility for enforcement of litter law lies with the local authority. Any election/referendum posters in place before or after the stipulated timeframe are deemed to be in breach of the legislation and are subject to an on-the-spot litter fine of 150 euro. Local authorities are also responsible for the removal of posters which constitute a hazard to either pedestrians or road users. Complaints about such posters should be made directly to the appropriate local authority stipulating their exact location to enable local authorities arrange for their removal.

Relevant Legislation

  1. Litter Pollution Act 1997, amended by the Electoral (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2009
  2. Protection of the Environment Act 2003
  3. Planning and Development Regulations 2001-2013
  4. European Parliament Elections Act 1997
  5. Local Elections Regulations 1995
  6. Referendum Act 1994
  7. Electoral Act 1992
  8. Road Traffic Act 1961

Further Information

Franchise Section
Phone: +353 (0)1 888 2424

Waste Policy Section
Phone: +353 (0)53 911 7477

About Pat Murphy

True to me; Mother, Wife, Friend, Environmentalist; Living comfortably; Being warm; Knowing what's enough; Chair of WFQA (Irish wood fuel quality assurance scheme)
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7 Responses to get them down

  1. bagsbycarmel says:

    It will be very interesting to see how many are left up on the poles in a weeks time! When ever we have a local event on, like a craft fair; the council give us grief over hanging road signs but it’s a different story for them. 😦

    • Pat Murphy says:

      I know Carmel.
      The NRA say business posters distract drivers. Fair enough.
      So why should sell promotion posters be treated differently?

      • bagsbycarmel says:

        Yes, the posters were very distracting, especially near roundabouts and junctions. I can understand why they use road signs as we fins them very effective when we do our Christmas Craft Fairs, but I think there should be very strict rules. There should be a limit on how many they can put up and a certain distance between each. That way, we would not have to look at the same face on every pole for a mile!

  2. I agree with Carmel, what I’d love to know is how much was spent on the posters etc? We received thirty flyers in the door one day from six candidates, how logical is that?

  3. Ben Moore says:

    I don’t mind them until the morning after the vote and then I despise them. They should have one day to remove them all.

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