an unexpected day

The alarm clock went off at 5.07 this morning and I asked myself “Am I mad or just mad?”

Heading to Cavan for a 6.45 meeting was not my idea of a “fun day” To attend a meeting to tell people that our small company exists


To listen to others doing the same. Small business. The lifeblood of the economy. And believe me, getting me out of bed at that time is the blood part of bloood sweat and tears!

I don’t do mornings.

One of the benefits of self employment, or self unemployment as it has been an many occasions in the past,  is that you can  be flexible. I don’t “do” mornings, except when I can’t avoid them,  so I market the company online in the evening or while burning the  midnight oil when I am, I hope,  cheerful and articulate rather than a grumpy bear.

But there are other benefits like my unexpected day.

My husband had a medical appointment this morning, deemed Urgent by the referring Optometrist. His G.P. also said Urgent,  so thoughts of a nap #unhumanhourtobeupat went out the window as a trip to Sligo was unexpectededly on the menu. He wouldn’t be capable of driving home. “Urgent meant Today  said the G.P.

So the car was loaded. Gilbert, Taylor, medical referrals, water, bananas, lead, poop bags, flip flops, towels and me.  always ready.

YTaylor and mees I was worried about Gil’s eye, but I was going to the beach! Like a child, I still want to be the first one to see the sea.  And  to visit “new” beaches on my own with just my dog is pure joy.

And I also love roads that I haven’t travelled before.

Is it only me or does anyone else love driving on a new stretch of motorway for the very first time? or am I just mad?

I’ve never been to Rosses Point. A new road on which to make a “1st time wish”. What was my wish? That the third medical professional in as many days would not say “Urgent”

So Taylor and I ran – well, she ran, I walked – on our new beach; another wish, the same one; “URGENT”; we paddled and splashed in the shallows and had great fun. The sun came out and we shared a couple of hours together on our own. 

sligo6 sligo5

Then I got the call, this time the specialist didn’t say Urgent.


Yes, he needs more tests, but it’s not Urgent.

“1st time wishes” can come true.

But I digress. Self employment and some of the benefits? Today, my unexpected day,  was one of those benefits.

Some times when you need one, you can give yourself a day off.

sometimes you just have to give yourself a day off

sometimes you just have to give yourself a day off


About Pat Murphy

True to me; Mother, Wife, Friend, Environmentalist; Living comfortably; Being warm; Knowing what's enough; Chair of WFQA (Irish wood fuel quality assurance scheme)
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6 Responses to an unexpected day

  1. Susan says:

    Pat – absolutely love this post as it rings true for me. We may be separated at birth as I too am a late into the night person rather than a morning person – in fact Ive just been corrected for saying morning to someone and it’s five to one!! LOL. A great and cheerful read 😉

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  3. That is wonderful Pat, you grumpy morning person 🙂 great write !

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